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Welcome to the KZ650 Information site!

This site was developed as a resource for the Classic Kawasaki KZ650. Smooth lines collide with a strong, almost bulletproof engine making this bike an outstanding daily commuter or, with a few modifications, a fairly decent race bike.

It is my intention to create the best and most complete resource site on web for the KZ650. Please email me if you see anything that is incorrect, or something that should be added. My intention is to make this the best place to go for anything that has to do with this wonderful bike.

A.K.A. Tazzmann



Calendar 4/12/2006 - Ok, cleaned up the main site a little bit. I took off the parts link and the articles link until I can actually get some content going for those.

I also changed up the banner accross the top. Not sure if I like it though.
I am going to work on getting more content in different areas while at the same time making the other sections (classifieds, photo gallery and forum) have the same look and feel as the main site.
If anyone has any content that would be useful and would like to get it up onto the site, please email me.

Calendar 4/16/2006 - Well, I didn't get to do anything with the site the last part of last week or this weekend, but I am going to try and get some more done this week. I am going through the Clymer's Manuals and the Factory Manuals and pulling out the important nuggets of information to put up on the site. I have also had a member let me know about some buggy stuff going on with the Photogallery and uploading pictures (mainly, it doesn't seem to be letting him), so if anyone else could test this, I would appreciate it. Other than that, I hope everyone is getting to do at least some riding this spring!